Saturday, May 29, 2010

Elffor - From the Throne of Hate

Genre: Symphonic Atmospheric Black Metal/Ambient
Country: Spain
Year: 2004
Label: Self-Released

Here we have some really cool medieval flavoured atmospheric black metal from Spain. Sole member Eöl seems to have a very strong affinity for Summoning, and this is definitely a good band to check out if you want something that has a somewhat similar feeling to it. Elffor has a very cool dark fantasy atmosphere, and the keyboard sounds often remind me of old fantasy-themed computer games I grew up playing (which is awesome and makes me feel nostalgic, ha!). From the Throne of Hate has proved to be a really great album to read to due to its immersive atmosphere, atmospheric and ambient leanings, and laid-back tempos. All of Eöl's works have something great to offer, but this is my overall favourite of his releases as I feel that it provides the best balance between ambient medieval interludes and keyboard-laden metal passages. Elffor is one of those rare bands where the keyboards being the focus of the music is actually a good thing. So, in summary, if you're intching to bust out your bloodstained battleaxe and chainmail in preparation to go on a quest through the dark ancient forest beneath hateful brooding winterskies, then this album will suit your mood perfectly!

For fans of Summoning, Nazgûl, Sear Bliss, and Fear of Eternity.

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