Monday, June 14, 2010

Heresi - Psalm II: Infusco Ignis

Genre: Black Metal
Country: Sweden
Year: 2006
Label: Total Holocaust Records

A friend of mine (who happens to run the Audio Ruin blog, which you should check out when you're done reading this) turned me on to this album recently, and I was immediately lamenting the fact that I've been missing out on it for the past four years. Psalm II - Infusco Ignis is a spectacular piece of black metal wrapped in a surprisingly full-bodied production. It's not slick and plastic sounding whatsoever - what I mean is that it's well-rounded with huge-sounding drums and an audible low-end that serves to make the music even more massive and all-encompassing. Epic whirlwind tremolos, evil mid-paced headbanging power-chord riffs, and stygian arpeggios comprise the sound here. This is no-frills, no gimmicks black metal played right, slaying all priests in its path and inverting all crosses in near proximity. The only drawback about this album is its painfully short length (barely over 28 minutes), but not a single second is wasted. Evil, epic, and cool as hell.

For fans of Darkthrone, Satanic Warmaster, and Judas Iscariot.

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