Sunday, August 14, 2011

Enforcer - Diamonds

Genre: Heavy Metal
Country: Sweden
Year: 2010
Label: Earache Records

Holy shit, these guys nailed it! I mean they really nailed it! This album absolutely rips from start to finish. One of the first things I noticed about Enforcer was how damn British they sound. This sounds much more like the UK circa 1985 than it does Sweden 2010. That isn't to say it's entirely derivative; Enforcer have "it" - that special something that separates the good bands from the truly awesome ones. Everything about Diamonds is pure gold. Adam Zaar and Joseph Tholl have a killer low-gain guitar tone that lends fantastic clarity to the high-octane riffs, Tobias Lindkvist utilizes his clearly audible (but never overpowering) bass to crank out some truly cool bass lines, Jonas Wikstrand's drumming is energetic and tight, and Olof Wikstrand's vocals are of a rare quality. The guy's voice is really great, combining a high-end range with a healthy dose of wild, raw charisma - truly a treat to listen to. He has an incredible knack for wondrously catchy melodies. Seriously, you'll have half the album stuck in your head after first listen. The songs themselves were all clearly crafted with great care; not a single track gets boring, and they each have their own unique identity while retaining a cohesive feel as a whole. I've been spinning this regularly since its release last year, and it still hasn't gotten old. Basically, there isn't anything about Diamonds that sucks even a little, so get it, play it loud, bang your head, and thank the Metal Gods that these immensely talented Swedes got together to create this gem (pun most certainly intended).

For fans of Angel Witch, Diamond Head, Avenger, and Raven.

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