Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Sear Bliss - Glory and Perdition

Genre: Symphonic Atmospheric Black Metal
Country: Hungary
Year: 2004
Label: Red Stream

Sear Bliss is one of my all-time favourite black metal bands. They're atmospheric without being repetitive, symphonic without being trendy, and have been carving a very unique niche for themselves since 1993 (a niche that includes an actual brass player who records trombone, trumpet, and other brass parts in place of synthesizing them). I've chosen this particular album because it provides a pretty good idea of what the band is all about.  There is a very arcane feeling to their music, an atmosphere that is very their own and difficult to describe but very obvious and present throughout all their music. They have a very unique approach to the black metal genre, and sound like no-one else. Sear Bliss is a very epic band, creating complex, brooding compositions that truly carry you to a different world. Beautiful.

For fans of Summoning, Forest Silence, Nazgûl, and Elffor.

Glory and Perdition

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