Thursday, June 10, 2010

Absu - The Third Storm of Cythrául

Genre: Black/Thrash Metal
Country: U.S.A.
Year: 1997
Label: Osmose Productions

Absu is one of my favourite American bands, blending thrash and black metal with occult atmospheres, awesome lyrical themes, and epic album artwork - in short, they have it all. Many people prefer Tara, the album that came after this one, and while that album is indeed fantastic (and includes "Stone of Destiny", my favourite Absu song), I think I prefer The Third Storm of Cythrául overall. Tara focuses on blisteringly fast riffs and leans heavily on the thrash side of their sound, whereas Storm is a bit more balanced. Even when the guitars are thrashing away and the drums are pummeling your face like a jackhammer, the arcane atmosphere still manages to ooze from every note. Absu is a unique band that plays vicious, epic music, and The Third Storm of Cythrául is a good way to introduce yourself to their stuff if you aren't already acquainted with it.

For fans of Desaster, Usurper, and Night Conquers Day.

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