Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Atlantean Kodex - The Pnakotic Demos

Genre: Epic Heavy Metal
Country: Germany
Year: 2007
Label: New Iron Age Records

Wow. Just... wow. There's no way I'll be able to do this justice in a short synopsis. This EP absolutely destroys me every time I listen to it. In just over 30 minutes, this German outfit has managed to create a musical tapestry that is so massively epic that it barely fits on the vinyl it's printed on. This is truly incredible music, especially coming from a band that has yet to release a full-length. I cannot express how excited I am to see what these guys are capable of in regards to their upcoming long-player (which I am hoping is due out very soon - it's been three long years since the release of The Pnakotic Demos); my expectations are very, very high, and I have no doubt that they will be exceeded. I'm already convinced that when it is finally released, it will immediately be an undeniable metal classic. This EP is just that fucking good. It has everything: megalithic riffs, massively epic and immediately memorable choruses, cool lyrics, gigantic atmospheres, and plenty denim-and-leather attitude to spare. This is good old-fashioned epic heavy metal forged with passion and vision, and these guys very obviously have a deep affection for the genre they're playing, because it shines through every last note. I really wish The Pnakotic Demos were longer, and I find myself reaching for the repeat button over and over again. Genius, absolutely genius. Think Manilla Road meets Bathory - this is some seriously epic stuff! I just can't say enough good things about this band - listen, love, and impatiently await their upcoming debut full-length. Damn near perfect!

For fans of Manilla Road, Bathory, Doomsword, and Solstice.

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