Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Usurper - Twilight Dominion

Genre: Thrash/Black Metal
Country: U.S.A.
Year: 2003
Label: Earache Records

Usurper is an incredibly cool and criminally overlooked American band that has been cranking out their own unique brand of blackened thrash metal since 1993. These guys are absolute lords of slinging molten steel through your speakers, with blistering riffs, a thundering rhythm section, and a killer vocal assault (very reminiscent of Tom G. Warrior). This is some serious headbanging material full of heavy, ripping guitar work and choruses that really get stuck in your head. If you're looking for something vicious, hard rockin', and fun (in a malevolent kind of way), then Twilight Dominion is right up your alley.

For fans of Nocturnal, Celtic Frost, Deströyer 666, and Aura Noir.

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  1. Thank you. An insane album ! Love Metal Lust and Vatican Time Machine.