Sunday, August 14, 2011

Demon - Night of the Demon

Country: United Kingdom
Year: 1981
Label: Carrere

Another NWOBHM classic for you guys. Demon's debut full-length was more on the rockin' side of the NWOBHM than the duelling guitar pyrotechnics side, and trust me, Night of the Demon has swagger to spare. Despite the dark cover artwork and a brooding, evil intro track, this is actually a rather feel-good album overall. Solid, hard rockin' riffs are coupled with Dave Hill's powerful, gritty vocals to form the core of Demon's sound. There are definitely vestiges of 70s hard rock making their presence known across the album's breadth, lending an overtly bluesy flavour to more than a couple of the tracks. If you dig early NWOBHM with strong 70s rock vibes, Night of the Demon definitely won't disappoint.

For fans of Diamond Head, Rainbow, Saxon, and Dark Star.

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