Friday, August 12, 2011

Elixir - The Son of Odin

Genre: NWOBHM/Epic Heavy Metal
Country: United Kingdom
Year: 1986
Label: None (Independent Release)

Elixir is a NWOBHM band that had a bit of a darker, more epic take on the genre. They did away the catchier, more upbeat rock-'n'-roll-infused approach of their countrymates in favour of galloping, stomping riffs and mid-ranged vocals. Elixir seems to have a nice helping of traditional epic U.S. heavy metal influence in their sound, a lá Omen or Brocas Helm, and it's a fantastic fit. They sound less barbaric and raw than the aforementioned American outfits, offering a slightly more 'refined' take on the style (for lack of a better word). Vocalist Paul Taylor's grittier, mid-ranged voice definitely invokes the late, great, and mighty J.D. Kimball more than just a little bit, and the album's production gives his voice a good amount of space in the music. The bass is also given ample breathing room, giving the entire ordeal a big, booming, expansive feel. This album is absolutely essential listening for fans of heavier, darker NWOBHM as well as American and Hellenic epic metal. A lost classic.

For fans of Omen, Brocas Helm, Cloven Hoof, and Battleroar.

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