Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Skullview - Kings of the Universe

Genre: Heavy Metal
Country: U.S.A.
Label: R.I.P. Records
Year: 1999

Here we have one of the most criminally overlooked bands in the U.S. underground. Skullview are a true through-and-through heavy metal outfit playing a take on the genre that crushes like a thousand-ton hammer of war. All of their albums completely fucking rule, and it was nearly impossible to choose which one I wanted to post first, so I went with the one that had my favourite artwork (painted by the inimitable Kris Verwimp). One of the things that really makes Skullview stand out is the vocals of Mike "Earthquake" Quimby Lewis, a man whose embedded nickname instantly makes sense the first time you hear him. His voice is somehow insanely chaotic yet entirely under control - every time you think what he's singing is going to get away from him, it locks right in and rips your face off. He's a very, very unique vocalist in a good way, and the second he starts singing you know you're listening to Skullview. The music that he sings over is simultaneously heavy, barbaric, and epic, distilling everything that is great about true heavy metal down to its bare essence and unleashing it full-bore through your speakers. The riffs gallop, stomp, and charge across the raging battlefield that is the band's rhythm section. The compositions can be surprisingly complex at times; the songs herein are generally far removed from standard rock structures, offering something more arcane and adventurous. It's really a shame that these guys don't get talked about more. Skullview are unheralded heroes of American heavy metal, and they are definitely not a band to ignore.

For fans of Manilla Road, Dantesco, Manowar, and Satan's Host.

Kings of the Universe


  1. I AGREE, It is criminal to overlook this band...

  2. They must remain underground where only the great bands dwell!