Monday, September 5, 2011

Argus - Argus

Genre: Heavy/Doom Metal
Country: U.S.A.
Year: 2009
Label: Shadow Kingdom Records

Time for another installment of "I Will Never Have the Words to Describe How Incredible This Music Is". Seriously though, Argus is one of those rare bands who have managed to craft a sound that is both classic and timeless yet very much their own. This has been one of my most-played albums since around its release in 2009, and I still spin it regularly. The music at hand is heavy metal with a doom streak running through its core. The songs are generally at a mid-paced stomp, but occasionally they do wander into monolithic, arcane doom territory. There is a lot of dual-guitar sorcery going on here, and it yields truly spectacular results. The twin-axe brew concocted by Argus' resident string-slinging duo of Jason Mucio and Erik Johnson is a low-gain affair with plenty of crunch to spare, and the approach fits the music perfectly. The twisted, winding licks and bone-crushing riffs never cease to amaze, and every solo is inventive and immaculately performed. The rhythm section is a force to be reckoned with, marching forth with the combined efforts of Andy Ramage's expertly-handled bassery and Kevin Latchaw's genius drumming. The entire affair is topped off by the mighty, ineffable presence of Butch Balich, whose majestic, dire vocals are truly awe-inspiring. Every single word on this album is sung with deep conviction and import. His delivery is simply gigantic; his voice fills the musical space in a way only the very best vocalists can manage. That being said, these guys are the real deal, the full package, the cream of the crop. This is truly incredible music. I could exhaust every superlative in the English language trying to express how much I love this band. Absolutely essential.

For fans of Sinister Realm, Doomsword, Solstice, and Hour of 13.


  1. This was my favorite record of 2009.

  2. Mine too! And that's pretty amazing, seeing as it was up against the releases from Sinister Realm, Saxon, While Heaven Wept, and Hyborian Steel. :)