Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Holy Martyr - Still at War

Genre: Epic Heavy Metal
Country: Italy
Year: 2007
Label: Dragonheart Records

Following in the epic heavy metal footsteps of the previous post, I bring you Italy's Holy Martyr. Don't let the questionable name fool you - Holy Martyr is a massively epic true metal band that churns out huge riffs accompanied by awesome vocals and anthemic choruses. No keyboards or gimmicks here, just classic epic heavy metal done right. The lyrics all focus on ancient Roman history and mythology, which is a welcome departure from the Nordic and fantasy themes we are usually treated to. Hail Hellas!

For fans of Manilla Road, Battleroar, Omen, and Ironsword.

*Unfortunately, the highest bitrate I'm seeing on the internet is 128kbps. If you find a non-Rapidshare link that leads to a higher bitrate version of this album, please let me know!

Still at War


  1. Muy buena la banda!
    Agrego que tambien para fans de Manowar, Wotan y Majesty
    Hail & Kill !!

  2. Comparto u nvideo traducido de Anximandro Steel.